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I have been working as a professional Fitness trainer for 4 years.

I brought in shape many clients not only from my region or my country even across the world.

fitness has attributes like it changes your appearance, enhances your personality, keeps you active, mindful, stress free & gets you confidence being a subject of practice. 

In this almost 4 years journey ,I overcame manifold situations from different-different clients, be it obese, some chronic illness  or be it, not getting time for fitness.

A lot of times people look at the negative side of what they feel they can’t do. I always look the positive side of what I can do.

This I keep upfront & further I start & guide them to get a perfect shape with my effective Programs & Sessions.

Client's Review 

Thanx for being my  mentor.. I completed  4 month with you.. you are amazing. mentoring me on every step and always making me achieve the impossible...its hard to get rid of stubborn side fat but with your workout I achieved that..worth your workout and diet knowledge  you can change anyone's body…..I m happy to come in contact with you... thanx girl.. keep going.. go ahead.. god bless..

Pooja Kamboj - Canada


I know lots of things didn’t go in a planned way this year due to the pandemic , but frankly speaking it opened up a lot of opportunities for me to get into social media for the good reasons and one such excellent thing that happened was to come across Komal’s profile . The way she has achieved and her personal looks is a great inspiration and exactly achieves the meaning of “Instagram influencers “.  I have been following her diet and workouts from April and have already started seeing great results . I am a person who s been inclined to fitness for quite some time but never did it the right way and what they say about achieving your true potential , you need a mentor and coach and this was so perfect that I've caught on to the right person who's helping me to take health and fitness the right way .All her diet plans work the right way with the Indian palate and workouts are quick and effective ! Bestest coach possible and a very disciplined person who sends the workouts at the right time everyday without a fail . Thanks a lot Komal ! I really appreciate it that you made working out more fun in the least time with minimum equipment’s . Keep inspiring !!

Dr. Sowmya - Chennai, India


( she doesn’t  want to share her picture)

I have been under Komal’s fitness close to two months and my journey has been great. 

Komal’s workouts our designed in such a way that you build stamina to perform more day by day. I love her workouts the most. They are really effective and every week you will hit all your body parts.

Her diet is also customised is such a way that you can eat you favourite food and don’t feel like you are under a strict roof.

I would definitely recommend her😍

During my first month, I had reduced 11.8lbs and I would definitely appreciate Komal for her constant support, motivation and weekly diet+workout. Still more to go💪🏻

Rose - USA


Hi Komal, Thank you so much for a diet and workout plan for 1 month. I am so happy with the change I see in myself following your plan.I have seen major difference in my body and skin😍 I started with 62kgs and lot fat around my tummy. I am now 58kgs and happily satisfied😍 I am in a lot better shape. Thankyou so much for your help everyday during this 1 month😘

Krupa - Australia

( she doesn’t  want to share her picture)

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