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Customised Bikini Body Plan

“How can I get a tighter waist and get more toned all over?” Everybody wants to be toned right... most of you don’t want to be too muscular or too skinny as you say, just sassy and feminine.


Majority of the ladies I work with, they want to be fit, healthy & confident .


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You don’t have to eat salads or boiled every day, even you don’t need Luxury and expensive Diet.


Overview (Workout+Meal Plan):


- This Program will customised according to your body goal and  help you to build LEAN MUSCLE/LOSE FAT or Gain weight and improve your strength !!


-A Personalised workout plan prepared according to your fitness level, goals and other factors.

-Easy Home Based Meal Plan will be prepared according to your Calories and Macros.

-Minimal Supplement require .

-Gym/Home Workout plan will be shared through video demos of me performing every exercises .

-You will have access to my WhatsApp chat so that I can answer any questions you have .

Additional Glute Sculpting Plan.

Weekly grocery shopping list.

Note: If you want to know your calculated Calories & Macros of given diet then it will be shared on demand , but you need to pay extra 1500/- for that.




- Upon purchase you will receive my Personal WhatsApp chat link and then a questionnaire (related to your body details) & you have to revert me back with the answers along with 'current Pictures' , which will be needed to customise the program according to your needs. When you will follow it then Guaranteed you will get sustainable result.


- Once you return the completed questionnaire to me I will have your customised plan completed and sent to you within 1-2 business days.


Program expiring policy :



- If you want to pause this Program in middle for any reason , you will get 4 weeks grace period to resume this Program . If you will not able to resume within given grace period .Then this Program will expire .



NOTE : please be aware that I do not accept refund requests for this purchase.

Customised Bikini Body Plan

  • If you are making payment through PayPal,additional PayPal transfer charges need to be paid .

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