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8 weeks Challenge Program is available upon request.

- This 8 weeks customised diet and exercise program will include a personalised workout plan prepared according to your fitness level, goals and other factors. Your Diet will be prepared according to your macros as per your body-type, activity level and fitness goals.


- Upon payment you will receive a questionnaire via email or whatsapp & you have to revert me back with the answers, which will be needed to personalise the program according to your needs.

- Once you return the completed questionnaire to me I will make program accordingly.

- Programs will be sent via WhatsApp .

- Workout plan will be shared everyday through videos and Diet plan will be update every week considering the health conditions (if any) body adaptability, fitness level & achievements.




Disclaimer : I am not a doctor but a certified Fitness trainer as well as certified in Nutrition & Metabolism. All programs are based on the latest health & fitness information that is publicly available as well as my own years of practical experience,knowledge and dealing with the needs of my own health and physique as well as the needs of others.Before you start this Plan, I would suggest please consult your doctor if you have any medical complications,allergy or any health related problems.

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