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4 weeks(Weight Gain)-Workout+Meal Plan

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Summary :


  • Total body routine that can be performed at your home or at the gym.
  • This 4 weeks Workout and Meal program, will help you to gain some weight with lean Muscles as well as make your body toned and perfectly shaped. 
  • Each exercise with recommended sets and repetitions. Video links are attached to demonstrate exercises.
  • The Meal plans enlisted here are in both categories Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian , and its completely Home based Meal Plan.
  • This is one time & one stop spending for fitness. For best results, you can repeat the cycle for 3 months. 
  • Its pcod friendly too .


Disclaimer : This Diet Plan is not customised for individuales. I prepared it as per the majority of people's requirements,and tried to make it in a very affordable way. If you can’t have something then simply skip it. If you have an allergy to something then you can skip it, I will not be reliable for that.


If you want the program according to your body type and goal, then you are advised to purchase ‘Customised Program’ or Transformation Program . Which will be tailored according to your fitness level, goals and other factors. Your macros will be calculated as per your body-type, activity level & daily basis follow-up, which will enable you to best achieve your fitness goals with your preferable meals.


NOTE : please be aware that I do not accept refund requests for this purchase.

4 weeks(Weight Gain)-Workout+Meal Plan

  • Upon purchase you will receive a PDF format of Program via email.

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