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Gym Based-12 weeks Booty Builder (with Diet plan)

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-I want to grow my Booty.

-I want to shape my Glutes but also want to lose that extra fat.

-I want to reduce my thighs and built my Booty.


This Program is for you.For some Real result .


What’s Included With This Plan:-


  • This 12 weeks Booty Builder program Gym Based, will help you to Grow , Lift and Sculpt your Glutes along with loose fat and gain lean Muscles. It's a complete glutes oriented Program .


  • You will receive a PDF format ,where you will get Workout plan with Full description .(for example a which week you have to do progressive overload, pyramid, drop-set ets with details ).


  • Video demonstrations of me performing every exercise. 


  • Regular, vegetarian and non vegetarian meal plan.





- Upon purchase you will receive a PDF format of Booty Builder program .


- This is the 12 weeks Booty Builder Program (5 days in a week),which is a completely Glute oriented program. Twice in a week you have to perform as mentioned Leg/Glutes movements and other days you have to follow Glute activator movements along with your Regular workout routine. 




Disclaimer : This Diet Plan is not customised for individuales. I prepared it as per the majority of people's requirements,and tried to make it in a very affordable way along with all nutritional values.For best result follo as it is but If you can’t have something or are allergic to having something then simply you can skip it.


If you want the program according to your body type and goal, then you are advised to purchase ‘Customised Program’ or Transformation Program  . Which will be tailored according to your fitness level, goals  and other factors. Your macros will be calculated as per your body-type, activity level & daily basis follow-up, which will enable you to best achieve your fitness goals with your preferable meals.


NOTE : please be aware that I do not accept refund requests for this purchase.




Gym Based-12 weeks Booty Builder (with Diet plan)

₹1,099.00 Regular Price
₹799.00Sale Price
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