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About founder T.komal

T.Komal aka komalfit. In India, we call her Glutes Transformation Queen and Bikini Body Trainer. She transformed thousands of women to achieve their dream bodies. She is the founder of, a fitness platform. She customizes personalised fitness plans for individuals along with customised diet plans. Recently she shifted to Hyderabad and trained many celebrities at Apollo Life Studio. She has helped thousands of women and men from around the world to reverse their diabetes, obesity, thyroid issues and PCOS.


Komal is an entrepreneur, celebrity personal trainer, and social media influencer. She started her journey in Dubai, became interested in fitness and weightlifting, then moved back to India. She began learning about Fat loss, cardio, resistance, strength, and glutes training and spreading her fitness knowledge in India.

Komal launched her fitness website in 2019. Her videos featured workout routines and Diet plans that changed thousands of people’s life. She is the star of transforming flat glutes into curvy glues. She is always available for her clients to solve their queries. People can find her on social media channels like Instagram and YouTube. Join her Instagram @komal_fit for more informative videos.

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