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The player takes on the role of an outlaw, Wyatt Earp, who goes on a treasure hunt in a town called Apache Wells. The game was originally developed for the Amiga CD32 system and released in Europe on November 26, 1996. The Game Boy Color version was released in Japan in July 1999. Contents Plot The game starts with a prologue in which Wyatt Earp and his party of fellow outlaws is captured and sent to prison in the town of Apache Wells. After serving a lengthy sentence there, the outlaws are pardoned and released. Their terms of parole require that they stay out of trouble, and avoid a repeat of their criminal activities. The game continues in the Apache Wells of 1881, where Earp and the other outlaws must now evade capture in order to recover the treasure of the Apache Wells Massacre. Gameplay The game consists of an adventure game-like element and a vehicle combat element. The vehicle combat element involves driving from one side of a map to the other in order to reach the treasure and victory. The game mainly takes place in the town of Apache Wells, which is open for exploring. There are items to collect and jobs to be done, and the player must complete them in order to progress. When a game is completed, a new area will open up, and Earp must start with all of the items from the last area. While driving a vehicle, the player will be accompanied by several friendly "parties" (pigs, buffalo, etc.). However, if an enemy vehicle is spotted, the parties will disappear and reappear randomly on different parts of the screen. Reception Jeff Lundrigan reviewed Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive for Next Generation, rating it four stars out of five, and stated that "This is a killer game, folks." Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive holds a user rating of 5.0 out of a possible 10, at GameRankings. Awards The game won the BAM '96 Prize for best strategy game of the year, together with the game Star Conflict. References External links Category:1996 video games Category:CD32 games Category:Game Boy Color games Category:Hollywood in fiction Category:Amiga games Category:Video games developed in the Netherlands Category:Windows games Category:Video games set in the American Old West Category:Video games set



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Download Free Desperados Wanted Dead Or Alive
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