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Zoom Online Classes

Upon purchase you will get 1st trial Class for FREE

(Applicable for Group Classes only)

➡️Group Classes for Glute Sculpting 

Every Friday at 5pm, If you looking for sculpt,lift,tone your Glutes then join me we will hit total gluteal muscles together. 


  • 4 classes @ ₹1500

  • 8 classes @ ₹2700


➡️Group Classes for Full Body (fat burner) 


Every Wednesday at 5pm. If you’re looking for a total body challenge ,then join me and burn fat,build lean muscles, improve strength and posture .


  • 4 classes @ ₹1500

  • 8 classes  @ ₹2700




NOTE:  Each class’s duration will be 40 minutes and it will start sharp on time,So be ready with warm-up/stretching before jump into classes. It will workout for beginner to advance level (I will be performing Standard moves and according to requirement I will show you easier modifications as well) 

Group Classes time might be change as per majority request .




➡️ One on One Classes

  • 1 hour session @ ₹1100.

-For those, who are looking for a Personal Class according to their fitness level and Body goal.

-People, who are facing the challenges of chronic or specific injuries/medical issues and desiring to strengthen themselves, everything starts from a strong base!

- Pre/Post-natal training for Mothers who are willing to shape and tone their body.

NOTE:  One on One class duration will be 1 hour including Warm up/stretching and Cool down. You can decide your convenient time.



- Upon purchase you will receive an email confirmation of joining, and a day prior you will receive Zoom Classes link . 


- If you have any questions, feel free contact me .

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